Commercial Projects

Keos Logo
Keos Logo

Keos (2016-2017)

Keos is an action/puzzle game that faithfully recreates the technical restrictions of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Keos is being published on the Nintendo eShop for all Nintendo platforms during Q2 of 2017. All game design, programming, graphics, music, and platform publishing with Nintendo was completed by Quade.


Game Jams

Keos Logo
Yo! Noid 2 Logo

Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void (2017)

Yo! Noid 2: Enter the Void was developed for New Jam City 2017, an unofficial game jam organized by the Waypoint community, over a one month duration. Quade contributed programming, level design, music, graphics, and helped organize and manage the project.


project: ARK Logo
project: ARK Logo

project: ARK (2013)

project: ARK was developed for the first GBJAM over a two week duration. Quade programmed, and helped with designing the game with Samanthuel Gillson.


Hobby Projects

Steve Weingart’s “3 Til Dawn” on Nintendo Entertainment System (2016)

An arrangement of Steve Weingart’s “3 Til Dawn” created for Vancouver Chipmusic’s OVERFLOW chiptune show, and was praised by Steve Weingart himself.


Beethoven’s Piano Sonata “Pathetique” on Nintendo Entertainment System (2012)

An arrangement of the entirety of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata “Pathetique” for the Ricoh 2A03 8-bit microprocessor. The arrangement won first place in the Famicompo Mini Vol. 9, and was praised by Austin Wintory. Quade created the arrangement collaboratively with HertzDevil.


Mega Man Time Tangent (2008-2013)

Beginning as a fangame, Mega Man Time Tangent is a 49 track long soundtrack written in the style of classic Mega Man, and was created collaboratively with 9 other musicians. The released soundtrack was recorded straight off a real Nintendo Entertainment System. In his spare time, Quade directed, managed, and contributed to the project over a duration of five years.


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